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Our Purpose

On June 24,1988 the specific purpose of U.P. Whitetails Association Inc. was filed with the Michigan Department of Commerce, Corporation and Securities Bureau as part of The Articles of Incorporation.

That specific purpose shall be to instruct the public on the practices of sound deer management. To promote the aforementioned purposes, the organization shall make an effort to instill in the public an understanding of the environmental need of the deer population, to aid and financially support research on the study of ecology and its effects on the deer population, and to inform and cooperate with all individuals interested in conserving the habitat to ensure a bountiful deer population whether for the sport of deer hunting or otherwise in future years.

U.P. Whitetails Association Inc. (Based in Delta County)

Three friends sitting at a kitchen table talking over deer management problems, projects that "should be done" in their own back yard (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) and wondering why so many sporting groups were sending most of their funding to Organizations out of state, started an Organization to benefit the Upper Peninsula of Michigan called U.P. Whitetails Association Inc. The organization was formed with the understanding that it would be a 100% volunteer non-profit organization, with 100% of all funding staying local. Meaning that all profit from any fund raising event for or by the organization shall benefit the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The organizations founders' way of thinking is very basic but yet very realistic. Deer and deer hunting are regulated by each state, not on the national level, as are ducks and geese. A voter in another state by law can-not vote on anything in Michigan to help manage our deer or National Resources. "We have to many projects in our own back yard to be sending our funding out of state".

With that very basic way of thinking U.P. Whitetails Association Inc. has grown to seven organizations in seven counties of Michigan's Upper Peninsula with 100% of all funding staying local. The organization that generates the funding keeps 100% of that funding. We (the mother organization so to speak) help each organization off the ground with the informational knowledge of "how to", man hours and support. We do however request that each organization belong to the Joint Committee of U.P. Whitetails Association Inc. to help give guidance to the organizations. In return we are given their friendship and the knowledge that others are helping to save the white-tailed deer and their habitat for future generations in Upper Michigan.

We have also supplied information to new start up organizations in other states!

In 1988 one of the founders made the best investment of his life! He financed the start up funding of the organization in the amount of $1000.00. Fourteen years later the Organizations have raised well over a million dollars and have put every cent back into the local community and projects. No wages, No buildings to up keep, No utilities, No taxes on buildings, only projects and banquet expenses to worry about!

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