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U. P. Whitetails Association, Inc.

Membership Includes: One-year membership, decal, membership card, and license plate. Membership will also allow you to participate in U.P. Whitetail field projects, under our insurance.

Name : _________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________

City: _________________________ State: ____ Zipcode: _________

Phone (optional): ____________________

___Yes I would be interested in working on field projects. (If yes please include phone number)
___No, I cannot help out on the field projects, but I would like to be a member.


___U.P. Whitetail Hat       ___summer or     ___winter     $8.50 ea.        Total: ___________
___U. P. Whitetail Mug    ___Mug (22 oz thermo)     $6.00 ea.              Total: ___________

Above prices include shipping and handling in the US.

Please make checks payable to U.P. Whitetails Association Inc.

Mail to:U.P. Whitetails Association Inc.
P.O. Box 268
Gladstone, Michigan 49837